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The Sanctuary of Asclepios – The Doric Stoa of Athens Acropolis

The Asclepieion, the sanctuary of the god Asclepios and his daughter Hygieia, the personification of “Health”, is located to the west of the Theatre of Dionysos, between the Peripatos, the ancient road which surrounded the Acropolis rock itself. The Sanctuary

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Athens Acropolis photo gallery

The Acropolis of Athens is situated on a rocky hill at a height of 156 meters above sea level, while the height of the hill is 70 meters higher than the average level of the city. At the top of

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North and South slope in the Acropolis of Athens

The Slopes of the Acropolis have been inhabited from prehistoric times on, mainly because of the existence of the springs. During archaic and classical times this area became an intellectual, cultural and religious center of major importance for life in

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Stoa of Eumenes in the Acropolis of Athens

The Stoa of Eumenes is placed between the Theatre of Dionysos and the Odeion of Herodes Atticus, aling the Peripatos (the ancient road around the Acropolis). The king of Pergamon, Eumenes II, donated this Stoa to the Athenian city, during

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Theater of Dionysos – The Stage Building (Acropolis of Athens)

Of the three sections of the ancient theater (orchestra, cavea and stage building), the stage building is most closely connected with the evolution of theatrical creation. During the approximately thousand years that the theater of Dionysos in the Acropolis of

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