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The sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia in the Acropolis of Athens

After passing through the Propylaia, the sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia, the so-called Brauronion, lies to the right of the processional way of the Acropolis. It was associated with the earky santuary of Artemis in Brauron, a coastal town in eastern

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The shrine of the Athena Hygieia and Hygieia in Propylaia of Athens Acropolis

Southeast to the central building of the Propylaia is situated a small shrine dedicated both to Athena Hygieia (Health) and Hygieia, the daughter of Asklepeios, who was the god of medicine. The cult of Athena Hygieia on the Acropolis is

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The Propylaia of Athens Acropolis

The Propylaia, the monumental entrance of the sanctuary of the Acropolis, was built at the west edge of the hill in the frame of the building programme of Perikles. The building’s architect was Mnesikles, who applied ingenious and innovative architectural

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The temple of Rome and Augustus in the Acropolis of Athens

East of the Parhenon lay the foundations of a small building attributed by the first excavators of the Acropolis to the Temple of Rome and the Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus. The association of the foundations with the temple stems from

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The Erechtheion of the Acropolis of Athens

This elegant building of the lonic order is called, according later literary sources, Erechtheion from the name of Erechtheus, the mythical king of Athens. The construction started before the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War (431 B.C.) or after the conclusion

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Parthenon opisthonaos

The restoration of the Parthenon opisthonaos (back side temple) was completed in June 2004. The project provided for the restoration of the architectural members of the entablature, which has been dismantled, and for conservation and restoration in situ of members

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Athens coastline

From Piraeus to Cape Sounion in Αthens – Attica coastline there are dozens of small and large , organized and free, fantastic beaches with sand or pebbles . The fast changing landscape all along the coastal road to the ancient

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The Parthenon of the Acropolis of Athens

The Parthenon was a temple dedicated to Athena Parthenos (Virgin). It is built in the Doric order and made of white Pentelic marble with a width of 30.86 m., a length of 69.51 m. and a height of 15 m.

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Visiting the Acropolis of Athens

Visitors can visit the Acropolis of Athens everyday from 08.00-17.00 (last admission 16.30) except from holidays. ~ List of Holidays: 1 January: closed 6 January: 08.00-15.00 Shrove Monday: 08.00-15.00 25 March: closed Good Friday: closed until 12:00 Holy Saturday: 08.00-15.00 1 May: closed Easter Sunday: closed Easter Monday: 08.00-15.00

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