Kimoneia mnimata (Philopappou)

The rectangular opening in the rockface on the northwest side of the hill of the Muses (Philopappou) serves as an entrance to a double tomb carved into bedrock. The grave complex is divided, along an east-west axis, into two compartments of equal size, separated by a rock parapet with head-rests formed of bedrock at the west ends. The cover stones rested on a stone lip around the inside of each grave. According to an inscription of the 3rd century A.D. that is preserved outside over the entrance, the tomb belonged to a certain Zosimianos.

kimoneia mnimata

Tradition identifies this tomb complex with the “Kimoneia”, the spot where both the Olympic victor Kimon, father of Miltiades and his relative the historean Thucydides were buried. We owe this information to Herodotos, Markellinos and Plutarch, who state that the two were buried facing the Acropolis near the “road through Koile”, which has been uncovered at the northwest, quite near the tomb.

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